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Shandong Feixian JinLun Machinery Factory.

National toll free number: 400-839-8077


Sales phone number: 0539-5017337


After sales hotline: 0539-5017197


Complaint telephone number:+8617806115800

Sales Director Phone: 17806115801 (same WeChat account)


Customer service hotline: 17806115680 (same WeChat account)


Foreign trade phone number: 17806115808 (same WeChat)


Business phone number for the southern and northern areas of Fei County: 17806115820 (same as WeChat)


Business phone number for Shandong (Jining, Tai'an, Liaocheng, Dezhou) and other areas: 17806115806 (Tongwei)


Business phone number for Hubei region: 17806115809 (same WeChat)


Henan area business phone number: 17806115802 (same WeChat) 17806115803 (same WeChat)


Anhui Area Business Phone: 17806115807 (same WeChat)


Business phone number for Jiangsu area: 17806115816 (same WeChat)


Business phone number for Weifang, Binzhou, Northeast China and other regions: 17806115820 (same as WeChat)


Contact address: Southwest of Feixian Economic Development Zone Hospital, Shandong Province (South Outer Ring East Section South)